Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding

What to Expect with Vinyl Siding from Durable Remodeling

Are you looking for quality vinyl siding and low prices? That’s what we do all day, every day.

My name is Dean Willette. I am the owner of Durable Remodeling. I will help you through the vinyl siding selection process – including styles and colors – to ensure your house looks great, within your budget.

When I visit for your free quote, I will listen to what you want and explain all your options, with accurate pricing.

Our installation is done to perfection, with top quality products installed by our very experienced crew.

When the job is complete, you will have vinyl siding that protects your home and makes it look great for many years to come.

Take a look at photos of recently completed jobs.

We install quality vinyl siding, with a solid warranty, starting at $6,000 for a complete house. We won’t be beat on price! We are expert installers and use only the best materials.

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With many years years of experience, our team will get your job done fast and right. We pass the cost savings from our supplier connections and fast installation, along to you.

More info about Vinyl Siding and your home

For its beauty, durability and value, Vinyl Siding is the perfect choice to enhance your Boston, Massachusetts home.

If you’re looking for design flexibility, enduring quality, and a fresh, seamless appearance for your home, vinyl siding is the perfect material for decoration and weatherproofing. Durable Remodeling specializes in vinyl siding installation and will work with you to achieve the look you desire. Our choice of vinyl siding provides realistic wood grains, unique trims, and a variety of colors that will match any home design.

We are passionate about our work and the quality of our results, which means you don’t have to worry about faulty installation that will leave the vinyl warped or leaking. With Durable Remodeling, your vinyl sliding will be attractive, comfortable, and affordable.

Beautiful Home with Vinyl Siding


There is no home building material better suited for a siding project than vinyl. Its versatile nature means it can be rendered in a variety of styles and covers and can accent any type of house. Whether you’re constructing a new house or renovating an old colonial or Victorian, vinyl sliding will fit right in and reflect the design and beauty your home deserves.


Vinyl sliding is the number one siding material in the industry because of it’s durability. Wood and other materials are susceptible to rain, snow, harsh wind and salt, and often have to be replaced every few years. With vinyl siding your home won’t need to be repainted, as vinyl siding won’t peel or show dents and scratches. The only maintenance you’ll need is to wash it with soap and water once a year.


Installing vinyl siding for your home is the best investment you’ll make. Choose the right contractor and you can see instant savings. You’ll also see long-term benefits with vinyl siding because of it’s low-maintenance qualities, saving you time as well as money.

We are proud to work with and provide Alcoa Siding and Mastic Siding.

Vinyl Siding FAQ

Replacing your vinyl siding can be a simple process if you have a qualified contractor on the job. There are questions you can ask your installer before you begin, however. Here are the most common questions we come across:

Q: Will a moisture barrier or insulation board be installed before the vinyl siding?

A: Yes. Insulation board is used to give the vinyl siding installers a smooth, level surface to install the siding on, while also providing the benefit of extra wall insulation for the homeowner. The insulation board serves as a moisture barrier between the vinyl siding and wall substrate. Vinyl siding has weep holes at the bottom to allow moisture to escape from behind it and the insulation board prevents moisture from entering your home.

Q: What products are used?

A: There are several different grades or thicknesses of vinyl siding available. The contractor’s proposal should clearly specify the manufacturer, product, style or lap, and accessories to be used in the project.

Q: Is Durable Remodeling a certified installer?

A: Yes. It is very important for vinyl siding to be installed per the manufacturer’s installation specifications. Vinyl siding will expand and contract as temperatures change. If vinyl siding is nailed too tightly it can cause severe waviness and blistering in the product. At the same time, if vinyl siding is nailed too loose, it can rattle or come loose during windy conditions. This rattling can be heard inside the home. If the product is not installed properly, the manufacturer could opt not to warranty any defects with the product.

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